Nature wrapped!

The Art of Gift Giving:

gifting1Personalized, exquisite, thoughtful, interesting and GREEN.

Tania Clay Studio believes and takes pride in creating artifacts that are all of the above and Eco-friendly and Sustainable. We are constantly working towards using naturally available raw materials from all over India for our creations. Exquisitely handcrafted with organic materials, each creation reflects silent beauty and unbendable strength of nature. Our gift boxes have a story to tell.

 The Making:

We currently offer three kinds of gift boxes made of natural fibres found in coastal areas of Chennai and Orissa.

Palm Leaf – Thunder palm leaf which is required for making this box is derived from the palm tree that is ivory in colour. They are naturally dyed after splitting and drying.

palm leaf collage 5

Kora grass is grown along the river banks of Chennai. Even though the process of creating things from them is quite complex and pain staking, they are extremely reliable.They come in natural colors but can be easily dyed to various colors for festivities.

kora grass collage

Golden grass – These are locally called ‘kaincha’ and are grown in swampy areas during rainy season. They are light, durable and naturally golden with no use of dyes. They are found in Orissa and are grown without chemicals or pesticides.These were traditionally used for making mats .

golden grass collage 2

Joy in looking and comprehending is nature’s most beautiful gift- Albert Einstein.

Behind the Scenes:

Women artisans skillfully hand weave these sustainable natural fibres into beautiful boxes. We have directly approached and adopted villages in Chennai and Orissa to revive this dying art form. The craft is a good source of livelihood for the rural women artisans. We have been trying to revive the art by training young girls who are forced into marriage early, to have a skill set they can use for financial freedom in the future.


Thanks to like minded people and organizations, we are able to promote the art form and empower women here.

Our touch to these natural wonders:

Chocolate boxes for all occasions:

wonder 1


 Festive Gift boxes:

wonder 2

Chetna's box

festive box3

Saree box

IMGA0058 2 Baby shower and baby announcement boxes:

baby shower parties

baby announcement

Sudha Clips

Christmas box and wine holder case:

christmas collage

Corporate gifting:

Our corporate clients UN Women and lemon grass have been supportive of our work. “The gorgeous boxes were very much appreciated by everyone and it made even more of an impact because they support livelihoods for rural women”- Ms. Mrinalini Venkatachalam, UN women.

palm leaf collage 6From the passion for supporting the Earth and others to the unique artistry of each piece ,Tania Clay Studio makes the perfect gift for corporate gifts-Lemongrass House.

Lemon Grass house1

Sharing memorable moments and special days has made our journey enriching. Awaiting more ideas to make your memories everlasting.

We have boxes of various sizes to suit your celebration.The sizes of the gift boxes available are:

The Golden Grass boxes with 3 flowers and sheer organza ribbons matching of your taste range between

450-550 -Rs Small  /7.5 height= 4 inches Dia

550-650-Rs  Medium/6.5 height=5 Inches Dia

675-800- Rs Large 1 /7.5 height=6 inches Dia : We also provide 8″ inches boxes.


Eco-friendly gifting has taken precedence now-a-days and rightly so. Reducing carbon footprint and green house gases is essential in today’s world and we strive towards achieving the same.

For more information, please contact:

Tania Clay Studio

New Delhi : 9891243228

Singapore :8611-4613





Flowers are delicate and symbolize purity and so are little girls. When they come together it’s a dream in bloom.

butterfly on a flower

Cherry BlossomWP

Cherry blossoms, hydrangeas, roses, peonies, daisies and a wide array of flowers have been hand crafted on headbands to add a zing to any day. The headbands are very light and easy to maintain. They are not fragile and are waterproof too. Kids can be kids and still look picture perfect.

headbands final

Floral and butterfly hairclips in different hues can be colour co-ordinated or mix and matched to any dress. Assorted8WM copy

hairclipschild2No outfit is complete without accessories. Jewellery, belts, hats will round off your little girls look. Undoubtedly. Our princess mirrors can vouch for it. .

Hats4  belts

IMG_8757 It would indeed be appropriate to add a few hair accessories for moms. After all you complement them. Comb clips, Juda pins, hairclips can be worn with any attire to harmonize your look. A new twist to the age old tradition.combclips collage

comb clip

Anemonie, Dahlia, Gardenia, Peach Peony, Renunculus, Eucarious and poppy clips below are just a representation of distinctive flowers we can design for you.

headclipsJuda pins like these make it a must adornment for your saris.

juda pins final

Imported Clips, hats and embellishments are used for our creations. With so many floral offerings, unworn clothing in the closets can get a variation now. All the accessories can be customized for any occasion or event. Accessorize and define your style. Time to go from nice to fabulous.

Dreamy Tiaras

Like stardust glistening on fairies’ wings, little girl’s dreams are of magical things. Tiara8WMMagical indeed are Tiaras and bands of Tania Clay Studio. Flowers, buds, butterflies and rhinestones accentuate the tiara giving an angelic look to the beholder. The idea of Tiara came about by requests from clients who wanted to match their princesses to the themed birthday parties.


Besides our 11 official disney princesses, we have crowned quite a few princesses in waiting too.

Comfort being key ,the base of the tiara, made of air dried deco clay is rolled on thin wire and then laced with satin to make the tiara soft and comfortable.  

Being light and easy to attach to even infant hair, little ones have been sporting these for their christening ceremony. 

newborn tiara final Its not easy being a princess but hey if the tiara fits. Flower girls have adorned the floral tiaras and rocked wedding ceremonies. flower girls tiaraBesides infants, tots and little girls, expecting mothers have joined the bandwagon for floral tiaras for their baby shower parties. Butterflies and flower bud tiaras are sought after. Child photographers are big fans of these too for their photo shoots. collage 5 Little Girls are giggles and curls, tiaras and bows, sugar and spice from head to toe.  Enjoy your time with them and we will be back with more for your priceless treasures in our next blog. photo 1 Our products are showcased on our website and on face book. If you are interested in Tiaras, please give the head circumference when you order.