Bejeweled Belle!

“Be uniquely you. Stand out. Shine. Be colourful. The world needs your prismatic soul!”
― Amy Leigh Mercree

Welcome back. It has been a long break for our blog readers nevertheless a lot of amazing work has been happening at the studio. We are delighted and ecstatic to share our new and improved website ““. It is functional and ready for your viewing.

The website was an effort to compile and catalogue all our works since the inception of the studio. More than 1000 Products have been categorized and sub categorized for easy browsing. Hope you enjoy the browsing experience.

Floral Jewellery has been in vogue the past few years and rightfully so…offering an angelic and summery look to the brides. This blog is exclusively for our blushing, sun kissed brides who are all set to go dazzling and radiant on their big day.collage 1Deco clay floral jewelry is light and a plethora of flower combinations can be explored to add luminosity to the wedding ensemble.

There is no hassle of wilting or maintenance unlike fresh flowers. It is long lasting and makes for a beautiful keepsake. Tania Clay Studio has had the pleasure of working with many beautiful brides and help them design their special floral sets.collage 2

The Floral Jewelry Set comprises of maang tikka, earrings, necklace (short and long), flower bracelet and a ring. Armlets, anklets and waist bands are great add-ons. Swarovski crystals, pearls, coloured stones and satin ribbons are incorporated as highlights to accentuate the design and the flowers.collage 7IMG-20160512-WA0052collage 24IMG_5809

A simple but interesting accessory can make heads turn!collage 14collage 16

The cheer ladies have some elegant options as well! Clutches, intricate earrings or a grand floral clip can give the mom and bridesmaids the necessary zing.collage 22collage 25collage 26

Joining this jewelry trend are fashion designers who love working with this creative option.  Our Pink Roses collection unvieled at a fashion show recently!collage 10collage 11These pristine designs are a great option for bridal showers or mehendi ceremony!

We began this journey with our Floral Tiaras and bands. They have now become a must have accessory for all brides.collage 12collage 17

Not to leave behind our bride groom, we have some dashing add-ons.  Boutonnieres, Brooch and of course a corsage for his beautiful bride.collage 18collage 28collage 27collage 30

With all the floral splendour, bejewelled belle is a sight to behold and ready for the ride of her life.edit2