Gleeful Time!

The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul – Elder Uchtdorf.

The New Year has begun on an interesting note at the studio. We have been overwhelmed with requests for baby announcement gifts. It’s been raining babies!!!

New parents and grandparents have been forthcoming with their ideas of how they want to introduce their precious little one to friends and family.

Their enthusiasm has given us the joy of making their special announcement even more remarkable.

Tags, buntings, Letter etching on boxes, paper scrolls, printing inside photo frames, labelling…have been explored. Being distinct and exclusive has been the key element of this project.

Baskets, Jars, lanterns, Trays have undergone baby transformation to help the little ones present themselves to their family and friends!

img_5474The treat jars have a large flower enwrapping the baby figurine symbolizing the warmth of nature and all things beautiful!

Mom’s li’l angel!img_6330
Sunny belle!4Ready to set sail!9Halo Hello!img_5482Bluey gator!3Butterfly wrap!img_5517-2Crown prince!img_6735Star cow boy!7Time to cherish!collage-213a

Floral work matched across the gifts, lace wrap around jars,  a write up to introduce the most awaited one and last but not the least … A custom built box to hold the gifts in place make it an incredible unit.collage3The branded box with letter etching gives an antiquated look!


Decorated tray and basket storks to bring the baby news! These can carry some delectable treats and a warm welcome note from the parents.img_2968collage4collage5

The light of your life! 11a

Vibrant floral options ! edit-4img_4678

Florals apart, buntings on box covers add a celebratory feel and provide the perfect complement to the gift.edit-3img_5140edit-5The self is also a creation, the principal work of your life, the crafting of which makes everyone an artist – Rebecca Solnit.

Hearty Congratulations to all the new parents. Revel in your new role and wishing you loads of fun and priceless moments.img_4875img_4662

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